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About Us

Our mission

Plantworthy aims to help individuals embrace a more holistic approach and invest in natural options to maintain inner balance and healing. Plantworthy was created based on the belief that nature has the answers to almost all our problems using the nourishment provided by mother nature and its unlimited plant wealth, we care so much about what we put in our bodies. Too often companies make their process and formulations confusing for customers to know what their really putting in their products. We stand proud knowing we’ve created REAL all natural products, with no unnecessary ingredients and additives. Whether it is a physical or mental health-related issue, we strive to bring relief to your daily struggle.

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Virtually waste free

Plantworthy pays great attention to ensuring that every procedure followed is environmentally-conscious. We strive to be sustainable and virtually waste free in our manufacturing, packaging, and farming practices. Our practices reflect our love and respect for the earth.

What Sets us apart

Plantworthy ensures the purest and safest herbal CBD products on the market, free of pesticides, phthalates, parabens, additives, and preservatives. All our products are always third party tested. We pride ourselves in being 100% THC FREE. We love our furry friends, and would never test on them.

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